Rare Massimo Osti footage at massimoosti.com

Vintage Massimo Osti Video from FOUND_NYC on Vimeo

As a lot of you know, I designed the MO archive site, and it has been updated with some very rare footage of Massimo Osti. Including this rarely seen interview with Massimo during the iconic 1988 season. To see more footage check out massimoosti.com. Click below to read a translation of the interview.

Translation of interview thanks to Fabio!

“Fashion to me is what you like to wear, what will make you feel comfortable when wearing it.
Fashion to me is a job as well, a job that I do with a lot of dedication and passion.

My idea is that someone should feel good about what he wears, may it be a new or 10 year old garment.
I started as a Graphic designer and my first things were printed t-shirts. I used screen printing on them, a technique used mainly to print on paper before.
I believe that italian fashion has been investing a lot in research in the past few years, I think italian fashion is the best when it comes down to researching fabrics etc.

I never liked catwalks. I think if you do a catwalk because of the atmosphere, then it is fake.
If you do it to present a product, it is not good enough to really see and understand it.
To me it is an old concept. I tend to avoid that, when I can.

We tend to believe that young consumers like to be impressed and amazed by the product.
Instead, I do believe that young people can really understand the “real” contents of the product ie functional aspects etc.”

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